Carencro Jewish Women

Temple Shalom offers a Reform Jewish community with opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, lifelong learning, and social interaction. We are a diverse community, rooted in tradition, yet moving towards the future. Just as […]. With the beginning of this book, we experience the beginning of a new chapter in the larger story of our people. Within a few verses, the cast of characters familiar to us from Genesis give […]. Only a week ago, I made the four-hour drive down to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with my family. After returning to Cincinnati, I got […]. Fri Sat

The first sparks of rebellion occurred in the s, when French women began wearing wigs to cover their hair. In some of these communities the custom is for women to wear an additional covering over their wig, to ensure that no one mistakes it for natural hair. In the contemporary Orthodox world, most rabbis consider hair covering an obligation incumbent upon all married women; however, there is variation in the form this takes. The Mishnah in Ketuboth 7: This categorization suggests that hair covering is not an absolute obligation originating from Moses at Sinai, but rather is a standard of modesty that was defined by the Jewish community. TALL-mud, Origin: Hebrew, the set of teachings and commentaries on the Torah that form the basis for Jewish law.

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Carencro Jewish Women
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