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If peace comes to the Central African Republic, most observers believe the three saints of Bangui will deserve a strong share of the credit. Their groundwork led to the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force in September In Decemberwhen Christian militias attacked the Muslim neighborhood where Layama lived, Nzapalainga invited the imam and his family to move into his personal residence at St. A Christian man chased a suspected Seleka officer in civilian clothes with a knife near the airport in Bangui, Central African Republic. The CAR descended into violence two and a half years ago when mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, backed by forces from Chad and Sudan, sparking reprisal killings by largely Christian militias. Last February, for example, they visited a Bangui church for a dialogue session. I was in Lakounga, a southern suburb in Bangui, the Central African Republic, which was engulfed in five days of blind violence last month that has left at least 1, people killed. Communities who have lived in peaceful co-existence for generations, look at each other with mistrust and many fall victim to sectarian tit-for-tat attacks. Hundreds of thousands flee their homes and become displaced. While international media portrays the current conflict as a conflict between Muslims and Christians, the reality is more complex than that. Seleka is a coalition of armed groups that took over power in March Whilst Seleka members may be predominantly Muslim, they are not all Muslim, and certainly not all Muslims support Seleka. Likewise, the anti-balaka groups are diverse, including Christians, animists, Muslim groups and some ex-Seleka. If anything, many people, including prominent Muslim and Christian leaders are attempting to distance themselves from the conflict and seek a peaceful resolution.

Bloodshed in Bangui: Andrew Katz. On the other end, call after call, were voices informing William Daniels, the French photojournalist, of fresh attacks on several districts in Bangui, the ramshackle capital of the crisis-hit Central African Republic.

Squad - DFC8 of Bangui. Christian Ndaoulet. DFC8 of Bangui.

Stay up to date with the latest news stories from a Christian perspective. Stay informed and inform others with up to the minute news from a Christian perspective. Stay informed with up to the minute news from a Christian perspective. Premier holds names and addresses on computer for the purpose of keeping supporters up to date with their ministry and other issues of Christian concern. The attack was reportedly perpetrated by armed elements from the KM5 district of Bangui, which is predominantly a Muslim neighbourhood.

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In this extra scene, VICE News goes to PK5, a predominantly Muslim enclave of the Central African Republic's capital of Bangui, which has seen some of the most violent and brutal fighting between Muslim and Christian communities since the start of the conflict. A United Nations peacekeeping mission and a French military operation were able to stem the fighting, but despite their presence, the transitional government has not been able to regain control of the country outside Bangui. Can Christians transcend the nihilism of our politics? They took up arms to form a Christian self-defense militia called the anti-balaka, and carried out revenge killings. They committed mass atrocities against the population, and to the largely Christian population in the southwest, Muslims began to be associated with violence. In Marchthe Seleka, a coalition of predominantly Muslim-armed groups from the northeast, marched on the Central African Republic's capital Bangui and seized power. Seleka fighters patrol as they search for Anti-Balaka Christian militia members near the town of Lioto. It will be formally signed in the CAR capital of Bangui "in the coming days," Touadera's office said, without announcing a date. Let's go together to Bangui to build our country together. Backed by international partners, the Bangui National Forum generated commitments from all parties to the conflict to dispose of their arms, renounce fighting, and free child soldiers. Meanwhile, leaders of Muslim armed groups convened in northern CAR and threatened a major attack on Bangui. Following a visit to Bangui for the opening of the forum, the chairman of the U. Christian rioters burned a mosque in retaliation. Since latehe has dominated PK5a densely populated neighborhood in the third district of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.

Christian Dating in Bangui
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