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Men's Ranking. The measure prohibits travel for hundreds of thousands of people and escalates a crisis between the two countries that was sparked on Sunday when Russian border guards opened fire on and captured three Ukrainian vessels and 24 crew. This week Ukraine instituted martial law in 10 regions to prevent what it described as a possible land invasion by Russia. Russian soldiers were active in Crimea before the peninsula was annexed by Russia in There have also been a number of reports in the last 24 hours of Russian women being denied entry to Ukraine, suggesting that the restrictions on Russians could be broader than publicly announced. In a separate development, 21 sailors from the Ukrainian vessels captured in the Kerch strait last weekend have been transferred to Moscow, and three more are in Moscow hospitals. Russia says the sailors violated its border, while Ukraine says its ships were acting in line with international maritime rules and has demanded the sailors be treated as prisoners of war. Growing pressure from Russia near the site of a new bridge to Crimea has led to a dangerous escalation in tensions, and the Ukrainian president has called for Nato ships to travel to the Sea of Azov. Meanwhile, travel between the two countries has grown increasingly difficult for locals. Millions of Russians have family members in Ukraine and vice versa as both countries were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Russians made 1.

Putin and whose companies have won a host of state contracts, including one for the construction of a bridge from the Russian mainland to Crimea, the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula seized by Moscow in Also on the list is Oleg V. Russia has denied involvement in the poisoning. Mueller III, the special counsel looking into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, have begun to question Russian oligarchs about possible financial links between those in Mr. A version of this article appears in print onon Page A6 of the New York edition with the headline: Open in the app. By Friday, according to a White House statement, he had dropped any qualification. NATO allies are now thinking anew about more coordinated responses to track and impose sanctions on Mr.

Bolatov was arrested by Israeli authorities last week, as they seek his extradition to stand trial in Russia. After his Kazakh citizenship was revoked, Russia took up the case, and in requested that Israel extradite him. State prosecutors have asked a Jerusalem court to approve the extradition of an Israeli-Russian citizen suspected of being behind a quadruple murder in Kazakhstan in That allegedly led him to hire hitmen to get rid of him. Though Bolatov was questioned following the murder, he denied involvement and was released, and the case was eventually closed without indictments being filed.

The Moy Mir account was active even after the poisonings last spring, with the most recent login registered on July Less is known about Aleksandr Petrov, a common combination of name and surname for Russians. Prosecutors charged the men on Wednesday with attempted murder and other offenses. According to Fontanka, a Russian news website, records show that Mr. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reported that until this week, Mr. MOSCOW — Before the authorities in Britain identified Ruslan Boshirov and Aleksandr Petrov as assassins sent by the Russian government to poison a former spy living in England, men with these names traveled several times within Europe, worked in the pharmaceutical industry and kept social media profiles. Boshirov was cited for two traffic violations a few days apart in July But the case numbers for the two enforcement proceedings did not match typical sequences, and two public databases that would normally include traffic violations did not list the infractions. Fontanka reported that the passports the two men used to fly to Britain had numbers suggesting they were issued no earlier thanand flight records show that from September to Marchthey visited between them five European cities: Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Milan and Paris. According to the flight manifests, Fontanka reported, he was born on July 13, The site found that someone with that name and birth date worked at Microgen, a state-owned Russian pharmaceutical company specializing in vaccines.

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EU will extend Russia sanctions in December: Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. World News. Russian officials accuse Poroshenko of artificially manufacturing a crisis to prop up sagging ratings ahead of an election next March. Russia says it will deploy a new division of Pantsir medium-range surface-to-air systems - comprising between 12 and 18 military vehicles - on the Crimean peninsula by the end of the year, Interfax news agency quoted a spokesman for the Southern Military District as saying. Ukraine's security service raids home of Russian-backed monastery head. A Crimean security source was also quoted by Interfax on Thursday saying that Russia planned to build a new missile early-warning radar station in Crimea next year. The September 26 report by the investigative website Bellingcat and its Russian partner, The Insiderclaims to have conclusively demonstrated that the poisoning suspect known publicly as "Ruslan Boshirov" is, in fact, a decorated colonel in the Russian military whose real name is Anatoly Chepiga. During the address, May said Russia "recklessly deployed a nerve agent on our streets" and accused Moscow of seeking "to obfuscate through desperate fabrication" in connection with the poisoning. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, suggested in a Facebook post late on September 26 that the release of the report was deliberately timed to coincide with May's address at the UN Security Council "during which she again aired accusations against Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously said the two men shown in British surveillance footage near Skripal's home in the English city of Salisbury were civilians on a tourist trip. Interpol itself notes that most red notices -- which alert police worldwide of at-large suspected criminals wanted by a particular government — "are restricted to law enforcement use only. How could secret documents become publicly available? British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson, meanwhile, said on Twitter following the report that the "true identity of one of the Salisbury suspects has been revealed to be a Russian colonel" but subsequently deleted the tweet without explanation. Asked to comment on Putin's words after the new Bellingcat report, Peskov said: Thus, he voiced the information that he had received You and I know nothing about these people's past, it is outside our [job] function. Russia has repeatedly denied and mocked British allegations that it is responsible for the March poisoning of Skripal and his daughter with the Soviet-developed toxin Novichok in the city of Salisbury. Poroshenko addressed the issue at the security meeting on Friday, saying: Also on Friday, Ihor Huskov, a senior official at Ukraine's state security service SBUwas quoted by Reuters news agency as saying that Kiev was considering "mirror actions". The development came two days after martial law came into force in 10 out of 27 Ukrainian regions for a period of 30 days. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the measure would prevent Russia forming 'private armies' in Ukraine. Sign up for our Newsletter. Maria Zakharova, Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman, said at a news conference in Moscow that her country would not respond in kind as it would be "irrational". Poroshenko has said the imposition of martial law aimed to prevent an all-out Russian invasion, after Moscow on Sunday blocked the route of three Ukrainian military vessels in shared waters. The measure was announced on Friday at a security meeting where Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko assured that the move would "prevent the Russian Federation from forming detachments of private armies" in Ukraine "similar to the operations they tried to carry out in Ukraine believes that Russian citizens, including Russia's regular soldiers, are fighting alongside Moscow-backed rebels who in seized parts of Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions, declaring them independent from Kiev.

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